Adults aren’t the only ones who get to wear trendy clothes! Even as early as the newborn stage, kid’s fashion has its own constantly changing trends, too! If you’re looking to have some clothing custom made, here are five great ideas that’ll make your children the most fashionable ones on the playground.


Tartans, plaids, flannels, and checkers of all shapes and sizes are in and will be for a long time. Not just because they’re heating up the runway in the fashion world; they can be worn in any style on boys and girls with ease. As we move into fall, expect the muted colors to come back, but don’t let that stop your kids from having a bright, colorful day!


Forget that summer is almost over for a second. Floral prints are back in a huge way, and a flowery dress in muted colors will be perfect for your little one’s fall wardrobe. It’s a great pattern that helps to bring a little bit of summer into the colder months, and it will make her look super fashionable on her way to school!


While we can thank adult hipsters for reviving the classic romper, it’s pretty awesome that this practical piece of clothing is back for your kids. Rompers are adorable and make for great alternatives to dresses for that little one who just won’t sit still or leave the puddles alone. It works with any pattern too, so a custom-made romper is a perfect thing for her wardrobe!


What’s knot to love about the headband trend? These bows and bands are one of the cuter baby fashions today, as they’re a perfect accessory that can be made using trendy fabrics and patterns. A unique headband will make your baby stand out, look adorable, and really just complete her outfit.


Can you believe the 70s are almost fifty years old? Sorry, now that we’re done scaring you, we can move on and say that old trends from this decade are back in-style for children, who will be too young to know that anyway!

Corduroy pants, overalls, and dresses, floral prints, burgundies, and billowy blouses are just some of the great patterns and fabric styles making a comeback for kids. You’re never too young to be a flower child!

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