Six Reasons Why Handmade Kids Clothing is the Best

By T & M | December 28, 2018

Unique clothing for kids is very hard to find. We’re often at the mercy of major clothing brands, and even then the options are pretty limited. The designs can be really out of style, too; sometimes, a tee with an elephant driving a truck isn’t the best look for the first day of pre-K. Here…

Upcoming Trends in Children’s Clothing

By T & M | December 21, 2018

Adults aren’t the only ones who get to wear trendy clothes! Even as early as the newborn stage, kid’s fashion has its own constantly changing trends, too! If you’re looking to have some clothing custom made, here are five great ideas that’ll make your children the most fashionable ones on the playground.

Top Local Children Clothing Stores In London, ON

By T & M | December 14, 2018

  Supporting local businesses are key for expanding communities. Big-box stores used to take over the market with cheap and imported children clothing but nowadays local businesses are blooming and starting to take over the market!

Travelling Baby Essentials

By T & M | December 7, 2018

Travelling can be stressful for many reasons, but your baby shouldn’t be one of them! It can be hectic packing and making sure your travel arrangements adjust to having a baby with you. On the other hand, they actually make great company on a trip, and babies have free admission to basically everything! Use our…

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